Douglas M. King

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Vehicle travel and obesity rates in the United States have surged in recent decades. This paper contributes to the mounting evidence of a link between them by drawing attention to a very close relationship between trends in miles driven per licensed driver and adult obesity rates six years later. It also presents evidence on why the effect might be expected(More)
Political districting is an intractable problem with significant ramifications for political representation. Districts often are required to satisfy some legal constraints, but these typically are not very restrictive, allowing decision makers to influence the composition of these districts without violating relevant laws. For example, while districts must(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The computational results reported were obtained with support from the Simulation ABSTRACT A number of methods have been proposed for predicting game winners in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) annual men's college basketball championship tournament. Since 1985, more than 70% of the teams in the fourth, fifth, and sixth(More)
Bracketology, the art of successfully picking all the winners in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) annual men's Division I college basketball championship tournament, has become a favorite national activity. In spite of the challenges and uncertainty faced in this endeavor, patterns exist in how the seeds appear in each round,(More)
The National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) men's Division I college basketball tournament is an annual competition that draws widespread attention in the United States. Predicting the winner of each game is a popular activity undertaken by numerous websites, fans, and more recently, academic researchers. This paper analyzes the 29 tournaments(More)
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