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The prevalence of hearing loss increases with age. Epidemiological and histopathological studies relating hearing loss to age are reviewed and clinical evidence presented suggesting that hearing loss is due not only to age but also to disease processes known to be associated with hearing threshold deterioration. 80 elderly patients presenting with a hearing(More)
Infection and obstruction of the cerebrospinal shunt are the most important disturbances in the management of childhood hydrocephalus. Often an occlusion of the shunt cannot be localized by conventional diagnostic means. Therefore the patency of Heyer-Systems was studied in 28 hydrocephalic children aged 2 months to 15 years with clinical signs of an(More)
With the increasing use of the endosheath in clinical practice, we set out to investigate the quality of the nasendoscope image produced with and without an endosheath. It has been suggested by some users that the endosheath degrades the image. We used a spectrophotometer to assess the optical transmission of the endosheath and found no selective chromatic(More)
A case of a five-year-old child with a greatly enlarged jugular fossa and high jugular bulb with associated progressive sensorineural hearing loss is presented. While various forms of this anatomical variant have been described by many authors, this is an extreme example, and progressive symptoms are most unusual.
Fig. 1 shows patients according to country of origin. They are mostly from surrounding countries such as Malaysia 52.4%, Indonesia 28.6%, Singapore 9.5% and other countries 9.5%. Interval between injury, diagnosis or operation indicates, that there were mostly subacute hematomas and chronic hematomas, except for intracerebral hematoma. The acute and chronic(More)
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