Douglas L. Miller

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Microeconometrics researchers have increasingly realized the essential need to account for any within-group dependence in estimating standard errors of regression parameter estimates. The typical preferred solution is to calculate cluster-robust or sandwich standard errors that permit quite general heteroskedasticity and within-cluster error correlation,(More)
Does Head Start Improve Children's Life Chances? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design This paper exploits a new source of variation in Head Start funding to identify the program’s effects on health and schooling. In 1965 the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) provided technical assistance to the 300 poorest counties to develop Head Start(More)
A silicon-based device, dubbed a microphysiometer, can be used to detect and monitor the response of cells to a variety of chemical substances, especially ligands for specific plasma membrane receptors. The microphysiometer measures the rate of proton excretion from 10(4) to 10(6) cells. This article gives an overview of experiments currently being carried(More)
Cultured Chinese hamster ovary cells were exposed to 2.25-MHz ultrasound in sterile 4.5-mL polyethylene chambers and tested for cell lysis, sonoporation and DNA transfection. Ten percent of Albunex, a gas-body-based ultrasound contrast agent, was added to ensure cavitation nucleation, and the chambers were rotated at 60 rpm to promote cavitation activity(More)
A phase shift droplet emulsion is introduced as an aid to unusual ultrasound (US) applications. The transpulmonary droplet emulsion (90% < 6 microm diameter) is made by mixing saline, bovine albumin and dodecafluoropentane. It has been observed that an acoustic pressure threshold exists, above which the droplets vaporize into bubbles approximately 25 times(More)
A series of influential papers by Christopher J. Ruhm (2000, 2003, 2005, 2008) documents that recessions are “good for your health”—or, more specifically, that state-level mortality rates are strongly procyclical. The magnitude of the correlation is economically meaningful: a typical estimate from the literature suggests that a 1 percentage point increase(More)
The causal links between health and economic resources have long concerned social scientists. We use four waves of data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) to analyze the impact of wealth upon an individual's health status. The difficulty in approaching this task that has bedeviled previous studies is that wealth may be endogenous; a priori, it(More)
This selective review of the biological effects of ultrasound presents a synopsis of our current understanding of how cells insonated in vitro are affected by inertial cavitation from the standpoint of physical and chemical mechanisms. The focus of this review is on the physical and chemical mechanisms of action of inertial cavitation which appear to be(More)