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Selling out on nature
With scant evidence that market-based conservation works, argues Douglas J. McCauley, the time is ripe for returning to the protection of nature for nature's sake.Back to natureWith scant evidenceExpand
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Marine defaunation: Animal loss in the global ocean
Marine animals are disappearing, too The loss of animal species in terrestrial environments has been well documented and is continuing. Loss of species in marine environments has been slower than inExpand
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Assessing the effects of large mobile predators on ecosystem connectivity.
Large predators are often highly mobile and can traverse and use multiple habitats. We know surprisingly little about how predator mobility determines important processes of ecosystem connectivity.Expand
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Patterns, Causes, and Consequences of Anthropocene Defaunation
Anthropocene defaunation, the global extinction of faunal species and populations and the decline in abundance of individuals within populations, has been predominantly documented in terrestrialExpand
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Niche partitioning among and within sympatric tropical seabirds revealed by stable isotope analysis
The low productivity and unpredictable nature of resources in tropical waters would appear to make resource partitioning among predators difficult. Yet, stable isotope data from the pre- sent studyExpand
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Resource partitioning by species but not sex in sympatric boobies in the central Pacific Ocean
Sympatric species with similar ecological requirements and differences in body size would be expected to partition resources to facilitate coexistence. For sexually dimorphic species, we may expectExpand
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Herbivore-initiated interaction cascades and their modulation by productivity in an African savanna
Despite conceptual recognition that indirect effects initiated by large herbivores are likely to have profound impacts on ecological community structure and function, the existing literature onExpand
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Nutrition: Fall in fish catch threatens human health.
Christopher Golden and colleagues calculate that declining numbers of marine fish will spell more malnutrition in many developing nations.
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Ending hide and seek at sea
We demonstrate how AIS data from automatic ship identification systems can be used to empower and propel forward a new era of spatially ambitious marine governance and research. Expand
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Ecological selectivity of the emerging mass extinction in the oceans
To better predict the ecological and evolutionary effects of the emerging biodiversity crisis in the modern oceans, we compared the association between extinction threat and ecological traits inExpand
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