Douglas J. Rahikka

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Speech communication in Electronic Warfare (EW) environment should be resistant to interception, masquerade and tolerant to communication channel errors. In this paper, we described an algorithm which provides speech compression, strong encryption, error tolerance and speaker authentication features. This Robust Speech Coder (RSC) is backward compatible(More)
Code Excited Linear Prediction (CELP) is a voice-coding technique developed by AT&T Bell Labs and the U.S. Department of Defense which has been adopted by the Federal Government as Federal Standard (FS) 1016. The U.S. Government is researching the use of CELP in the future digital narrowband Land Mobile Radio (LMR). L.lvlR channels are in the W U H F range,(More)
The United States government has developed a new Federal Standard 2400 bps vocoding algorithm called MELP Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction [1]. This vocoder has very acceptable voice quality under benign error-free channel conditions. However, when subjected to high error conditions as could be experienced in tactical vehicular operations, amelioration(More)
Speech compression is one of the leading vicinity of digital signal processing that spotlight on dipping the bit rate of speech signals for transmission and storage devoid of considerable loss of quality. In past decades many speech coding techniques have been proposed for speech analysis. This paper attempts to assess and compare two compression techniques(More)
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