Douglas J McCormick

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Novel antibodies have been generated by immunizing with bacterially expressed fragments of the repetitive motif of the Ki-67 gene. One such antibody, MIB1, recognizes a fixation and embedding resistant epitope on the Ki-67 protein if sections are previously microwaved in a citrate buffer. We have investigated the utility of this antibody as a marker of cell(More)
A number of different factors can profoundly influence the quantification of immunostained cells. Given the characteristics of immunohistological detection systems with non-linearity of signal and antigen concentration, we investigated the relationship of signal (number of stained cells) to the dilution of antibody employed. Three antibodies were studied(More)
We describe a model of tumour invasion in which murine melanoma lymphocyte hybrid cells are injected into the lateral ventricle of neonatal mice. CSF circulation carries cells to the third ventricle where attachment to the ependyma and invasion of the underlying brain may be observed. At this distance from the injection site, invasion can be studied free(More)
It has been shown that high performance cavity BPM's are capable of accurate beam trajectory angle and beam ‘tilt’, (x-z or y-z correlation) measurements [1],[2]. Such a device will be very useful for the optimization of a variety of beamlines, such as high current linacs, bunch rotators and storage rings. The signal from a non-axial trajectory or a tilted(More)
Experiments at the FLASH linac at DESY have demonstrated that the higher order modes (HOMs) induced in superconducting cavities can be used to provide a variety of beam and cavity diagnostics. The centres of the cavities can be determined from the beam orbit which produces minimum power in the dipole HOM modes. The phase and amplitude of the dipole modes(More)
Linear collider (LC) interaction region beam sizes and component position stability requirements are expected to be a few nanometers[1]. It is important to show that the related tolerances can be achieved, with an electron beam if possible. Using recently developed component stabilization technology, very high-resolution beam position monitors (BPM’s), and(More)
The signals from the Higher Order Mode (HOM) ports on superconducting cavities can be used as beam position monitors and to do survey structure alignment. A HOM-based diagnostic system has been installed to instrument both couplers on each of the 40 cryogenic accelerating structures in the DESY TTF2 Linac. The electronics uses a single stage down conversion(More)
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