Douglas J K Buisson

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To overcome the maximum 50% yield limitation of classical resolution methods, deracemization processes involving a racemization step (dynamic resolution) or a prochiral intermediate (stereoinversion) have been developed. The use of transition metal complexes as racemizing agents, in combination with an enzymatic reaction, has been successfully extended to(More)
Amplitude tapering can be employed for phased array systems in order to reduce the level of coherent sidelobes in a Nyquist sampled array. Whilst this is true for both regular and irregular geometries, the latter, which may be implemented for under-sampled regimes to avoid grating lobes, can benefit by a method of occupied area adjustment, in which the(More)
A differential equation is established to transform an array with constant average density into an array with prescribed density. It is shown that this allows good control over the first few sidelobes. This is especially true when combined with a limited amplitude weighting that compensates for local density variations, with limited effect on the array(More)
The brightness of an active galactic nucleus is set by the gas falling onto it from the galaxy, and the gas infall rate is regulated by the brightness of the active galactic nucleus; this feedback loop is the process by which supermassive black holes in the centres of galaxies may moderate the growth of their hosts. Gas outflows (in the form of disk winds)(More)
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