Douglas Ivins

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Acute ankle injury, a common musculoskeletal injury, can cause ankle sprains. Some evidence suggests that previous injuries or limited joint flexibility may contribute to ankle sprains. The initial assessment of an acute ankle injury should include questions about the timing and mechanism of the injury. The Ottawa Ankle and Foot Rules provide clinical(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) and the autonomic nervous system has long been acknowledged, but is poorly understood. In an effort to define this relationship, cervical myofascial release was used as the OMT technique with heart rate variability (HRV) as a surrogate for autonomic activity. This study quantifies(More)
BACKGROUND Spurred by government incentives, the use of electronic health records (EHRs) in the United States has increased; however, whether these EHRs have the functionality necessary to meet meaningful use (MU) criteria remains unknown. Our objective was to characterize family physician access to MU functionality when using a MU-certified EHR. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION In 2000, the American Board of Medical Specialties adopted Maintenance of Certification (MOC) to replace intermittent, periodic recertification. MOC consists of 4 components: demonstration of professionalism (part I); commitment to life-long learning (part II); demonstration of cognitive expertise (part III); and evaluation of performance in(More)
Background. Between 26 and 44 percent of the common situations. A "typical event" was 1.25 million victims of acute coronary syndrome characterized by symptoms such as crushing delay in seeking prompt care for this condition. retrosternal discomfort with radiation to the shoulder, Attempts to reduce delay have focused on pedagogical diaphoresis, and pallor.(More)
BACKGROUND The hospitalist movement in the United States has risen in prominence over the past 2 decades with more physicians practicing as hospitalists. Our objective was to examine different strategies used by family physicians when their patients require inpatient care. METHODS Secondary analysis of a cross-sectional survey of physicians accessing the(More)
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