Douglas H Yock

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Bilateral periventricular nodular heterotopia (BPNH) is a recently recognized malformation of neuronal migration, and perhaps proliferation, in which nodular masses of gray matter line the walls of the lateral ventricles. Most affected individuals have epilepsy and normal intelligence with no other congenital anomalies. A striking skew of the sex ratio has(More)
Radiation-induced meningiomas rarely have latency periods short enough from the time of irradiation to the clinical presentation of the tumor to present in the pediatric patient. Three cases of radiation-induced intracranial meningiomas in pediatric patients are presented. The first involved a meningioma of the right frontal region in a 10-year-old boy 6(More)
Modern imaging techniques define the anatomic region infected and the evolution of the disease, help to evaluate treatment efficacy, and frequently can help to determine extra-central nervous system sources of infection, such as sinusitis or mastoiditis. These techniques are discussed by anatomic region, and differential diagnosis based on image pattern is(More)
The anatomic correlates of speech fluency were studied in 54 right-handed patients with aphasia due to stroke. Speech fluency was assessed at 1 month postonset and then monthly for 5 months. CTs obtained at 5 months postonset were used for lesion localization and volume determination. Persistent nonfluency was associated with lesions in the rolandic(More)
Nine cases of delayed posttraumatic intracerebral hematomas (DTICH) were found retrospectively among 656 patients with closed head injuries admitted to the Hennepin County Medical Center in a 12-month period. All cases had severe head injuries sustained with the head in motion. The interval from cranial injury to diagnosis of DTICH by computerized(More)
The roles of B-mode real-time ultrasonic imaging (USI) and carotid angiography (CAG) in deciding on endarterectomy were analyzed. When greater than 50% stenosis and/or complicated ulceration were predicted by both techniques, endarterectomy was undertaken in 21/25; by only CAG in 5/8; and by only USI in 10/21. In vessels with adequate surgical data,(More)
1 Fenestration of cerebral arteries is a rare anomaly sometimes accompanied by a small proximal aneurysm. Our patient was seen with subarachnoid hemorrhage from a fenestration-aneurysm of the supraclinoid internal carotid artery (ICA). A 41-year-old woman was seen at an outside hospital with acute onset of an "exploding" headache accompanied by nausea,(More)
Dichotic listening scores and information on lesion size and location were obtained for aphasic patients. All patients had a reduction in dichotic scores at 1 month postonset of symptoms, but some patients returned to normal levels of performance by 6 months postonset. Lesion location was the main determinant of patterns of performance. Right ear scores(More)