Douglas H. Ross

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BACKGROUND Surgery is a highly technical field that combines continuous decision-making with the coordination of spatiovisual tasks. OBJECTIVE We designed a virtual interactive presence and augmented reality (VIPAR) platform that allows a remote surgeon to deliver real-time virtual assistance to a local surgeon, over a standard Internet connection. (More)
A three-dimensional (3D) geometric model obtained from a 3D device or other approaches is not necessarily watertight due to the presence of geometric deficiencies. These deficiencies must be repaired to create a valid surface mesh on the model as a preprocess of computational engineering analyses. This procedure has been a tedious and labor-intensive step,(More)
Topological representations are being used to define geometric models suitable for grid generation and grid generation tools are being developed that work directly on topological entities. While there are standards for topological representation, there is no standard for Application Programming Interface (API) for grid generation over topological models.(More)
This paper deals with structured grid generation using Floater's parametri-zation algorithm fors urface triangulation. It gives an outline of the algorithm in the context of structured grid generation.Then it explains how the algorithmcan be used to generate a structured grid over a singular NURBS surface patch. This is an alternatem ethod to the known(More)
In this paper, we will discuss the approaches and technologies associated with the development of the Geometry-Grid Toolkit (GGTK) and MiniCAD. GGTK is a software library that provides core functionalities in geometry, topology and mesh generation and MiniCAD is a software system with graphical user interface built on top of GGTK. The application of(More)
Cat fleas, Ctenocephalides felis, are one of the most common ectoparasites infesting dogs and their environments. This study evaluated the efficacy of imidacloprid + pyriproxyfen (PPF) (Advantage® II for Dogs) and spinosad (Comfortis®) against established C. felis populations in dogs’ simulated home environments. Thirty Beagle dogs were randomly assigned to(More)
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