Douglas H. Mcgregor

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Despite recent advances in outlining the mechanisms involved in pancreatic carcinogenesis, precise molecular pathways and cellular lineage specification remains incompletely understood. We show here that Cyr61/CCN1 play a critical role in pancreatic carcinogenesis through the induction of EMT and stemness. Cyr61 mRNA and protein were detected in the early(More)
Two patients are presented in whom cranial arachnoid cysts developed as diverticuli of the arachnoid membrane through small defects in the dura mater, eroded through the inner table, expanded within the diploe, and eroded the outer table of the skull. Based on observations at the time of surgery and the histological examination of these lesions, it is(More)
BACKGROUND Telomerase, a ribonucleoprotein complex that maintains telomeric DNA, has been detected in 67-93% of prostate carcinomas by telomeric repeat-amplification protocol assay (involving polymerase chain reaction). One study used in situ hybridization in nine patients; however, to date, no immunohistochemical results have been published. METHODS From(More)
Matrix vesicles, small extracellular membranous structures, are known to be the initial loci of calcification of cartilage, bone, and dentin. Calcification is an important complication of atherosclerosis. Using histologic, ultrastructural, and cytochemical techniques, the present study has demonstrated that matrix vesicle-like structures are involved in the(More)
BACKGROUND A narrow band imaging (NBI) endoscopy system has been developed that allows superficial surface imaging of esophageal tissue in vivo. OBJECTIVE The objective was to assess the potential of NBI for prediction of histology during screening and surveillance endoscopy in patients with Barrett's esophagus (BE). DESIGN A prospective cohort study.(More)
BACKGROUND:The presence of erosive esophagitis (EE) in patients presenting for upper endoscopy may prevent the detection of underlying Barrett's esophagus (BE) in the distal esophagus.AIM:To prospectively determine the proportion of patients detected with BE upon repeat endoscopy after healing of EE.METHODS:Patients with endoscopically confirmed EE without(More)
OBJECTIVES To prospectively determine the clinical features, associated esophageal endoscopic lesions, associated gastric intestinal metaplasia, and prevalence of dysplasia and adenocarcinoma of short segment Barrett's. METHODS All patients undergoing upper endoscopy over a 5-month period were scrutinized for endoscopic features suggestive of short(More)
For comparison with our previous study on early calcification in human atherosclerosis, the aortas of rabbits and chickens with experimentally induced atherosclerosis were studied by gross examination, light microscopy and electron microscopy, including various cytochemical techniques. Nine male New Zealand white rabbits and nine male white leghorn chickens(More)