Douglas H. McQueen

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The interface zone between titanium implants and bone is considered at the macroscopic, microscopic, and molecular levels. A high rate of successful dental implants of pure titanium is associated with a very close apposition of the bone to the titanium surface, called osseointegration. At the macroscopic level, osseointegration allows efficient stress(More)
Dynamic mechanical studies in dual cantilever and tensile stretching mode of Scots pine veneer, birch veneer and paper under stepwise humidity changes between 5% and 85% relative humidity are reported. The loss tangent (tanδ) shows a transient peak every time the relative humidity of the surrounding atmosphere is changed. In the bending mode a clamping(More)
Two infrared spectroscopic methods, optothermal near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and Fourier transform mid-infrared-attenuated total reflection (FTIR-ATR) spectroscopy, were applied to 24 cheese samples in order to obtain protein, fat and moisture contents. Reference values of the protein, fat and moisture contents in weight percent were obtained using(More)
This follow-up study on hemiarthroplasty of the hip evaluates the effectiveness of the treatment in various hip conditions. A total of 169 hemiarthroplasties of the hip were performed at the Medical College of Georgia from 1966 to 1972. Fifty-two patients were available for follow-up study in 1975. Hips were evaluated by Harris' hip evaluation method. The(More)
A prototype instrument based on optothermal spectroscopy has been developed for determining the haemoglobin content of blood. The optothermal detector is described and consists essentially of a thin sapphire disc glued to a piezoelectric ring. The optothermal instrument is also described. The results of clinical tests using 616 blood samples show excellent(More)
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