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ABST • CT.-Mayfield's method for calculating the success of a group of nests is examined in detail. The standard error of his estimator is developed. Mayfield's assumption that destroyed nests are at risk until the midpoint of the interval between visits leads to bias if nests are visited infrequently. A remedy is suggested, the Mayfield-40% method. I also(More)
The brown gene of Drosophila melanogaster is required for deposition of pteridine pigments in the compound eye and other tissues. We isolated a ca. 150-kilobase region including brown by microdissection and chromosome walking using cosmids. Among the cDNAs identified by hybridization to the cosmids, one class hybridized to a genomic region that is(More)
The kinetochore in eukaryotes serves as the chromosomal site of attachment for microtubules of the mitotic spindle and directs the movements necessary for proper chromosome segregation. In mammalian cells, the kinetochore is a highly differentiated trilaminar structure situated at the surface of the centromeric heterochromatin. CENP-C is a basic,(More)
Spike trains were recorded simultaneously from pairs of auditory nerve fibres in anesthetized cats. Tests for correlation between spike trains were developed for spontaneous activity and for discharge patterns resulting from single-tone stimuli. The application of these tests to the recordings indicates that the responses of auditory nerve fibers to a tone(More)
PURPOSE A quantitative study was performed to compare the effect of two commonly used fixation pressures, 0 mm Hg (immersion) and 10 mm Hg (perfusion), on the porosity of the juxtacanalicular tissue and the size of Schlemm's canal. METHODS Twelve pairs of human eyes were studied by fixing one eye with perfusion fixation and the fellow eye with immersion(More)
Recent developments in the theory of point processes are used to analyze the accuracy by which signals are conveyed by the discharges of single auditory-nerve fibers. It is shown that the only spike trains which can convey a signal without distortion are those well-described by a Poisson process model. Theoretical predictions are made of the distortion(More)
We investigated, using a computational model, the biophysical correlates of measured discharge patterns of lateral superior olive (LSO) neuron responses to monaural and binaural stimuli. The model's geometry was based on morphological data, and static electric properties of the model agree with available intracellular responses to hyperpolarizing current(More)
--Area requirements of grassland birds have not been studied except in tallgrass prairie. We studied the relation between both species-occurrence and density and patch size by conducting 699 fixed-radius point counts of 15 bird species on 303 restored grassland areas in nine counties in four northern Great Plains states. Northern Harrier (Circus cyaneus),(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether the severity of glaucomatous damage in eyes with pseudoexfoliative (PEX) glaucoma is related to the amount of PEX material in the trabecular meshwork. METHODS Trabecular meshwork and optic nerves from 19 eyes (11 donors) with PEX syndrome were studied. Eyes were chosen to represent all stages of severity of disease. Sections(More)