Douglas H Frayn

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  • D H Frayn
  • 1991
The dreams of anorexic patients' were recorded using a standardized sleep questionnaire concerning the perceptual qualities and affects remembered from their dreams. The anorexic subjects consistently had less frequent dream recall, fewer dreams in colour and fewer pleasurable themes than was noted in the normal controls. Anorexics frequently saw themselves(More)
  • D H Frayn
  • 1990
An intersubjective field is created by the interplay between the subjective inner worlds of the patient and therapist. The study of intersubjective processes has been based loosely on the paradigm of infant and caregiver interactions with subsequent empathic appreciation of each others' subjective realities. This approach is not necessarily dependent on an(More)
Erotic transferences occur on a spectrum reflecting the ease or difficulty of their management. They represent sexualized re-enactments of important childhood relationships. This phase in psychotherapy may be a transient developmental feature or in some instances, assume a formidable resistance to further insightful work. Two case illustrations are given to(More)
Dr Paul Steinberg's interesting review (1), of Unfree Associations: Inside Psychoanalytic Institutes, by D Kirsner (2), raises several points that concern all of us who belong to professional organizations. Steinberg, and apparently not quoting Kirsner, diagnoses 4 psychoanalytic training institutes in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as being "(More)
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