Douglas Guimarães Macharet

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— Interest in telepresence robots is at an all time high, and several companies are already commercializing early or basic versions. There seems to be a huge potential for their use in professional applications, where they can help address some of the challenges companies have found in integrating a geographically distributed work force. However,(More)
— The increasing use of mobile robots in social contexts makes it important to provide them with the ability to behave in the most socially acceptable way possible. In this paper we investigate the problem of making a robot learn how to approach a person in order to increase the chance of a successful engagement. We propose the use of Gaussian Process(More)
This study presents a novel methodology for generating smooth feasible paths for autonomous aerial vehicles in the three-dimensional space based on a variation of the Spatial Quintic Pythagorean Hodographs curves. Generated paths must satisfy three main constraints: (i) maximum curvature, (ii) maximum torsion and (iii) maximum climb (or dive) angle. A given(More)