Douglas Guedes de Castro

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OBJECT To assess the effects of radiosurgery (RS) on the radiological and hormonal control and its toxicity in the treatment of pituitary adenomas. METHODS Retrospective analysis of 42 patients out of the first 48 consecutive patients with pituitary adenomas treated with RS between 1999 and 2008 with a 6 months minimum follow-up. RS was delivered with(More)
BACKGROUND Conformal external radiotherapy aims to improve tumor control by boosting tumor dose, reducing morbidity and sparing healthy tissues. To meet this objective careful visualization of the tumor and adjacent areas is required. However, one of the major issues to be solved in this context is the volumetric definition of the targets. This study(More)
Optimal treatment of recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (rGBM) in elderly and/or frail patients remains virtually unexplored, the best supportive care (BSC) only is routinely administered due to the fatal prognosis. We evaluated the impact of different treatment methods on post-progression survival (PPS) and overall survival (OS) of such patients. Data from(More)
UNLABELLED The best management of localized and locally advanced prostate cancer remains controversial, but there are clinical evidences that for patients considered of unfavorable outcome that dose escalation radiotherapy has a significantly better outcome. METHODS Between 2005-2009 a total of 39 unfavorable patients were treated in a phase I-II trial(More)
Adjuvant radio-chemotherapy was an important progress in the treatment of denocarcinomas of the stomach and GET. The study of the Southwest Oncology Group / Intergroup 0116 (INT-0116) published in 2001 was the first major randomized prospective study to show the benefits of radiochemotherapy in Local Control (LC) (9). Recent update of this study, now with(More)
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