Douglas Gonzalez

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—Hardware platforms and testbeds are an essential tool to evaluate, in realistic scenarios, the performance of wireless communications systems. In this work we present a multiuser Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) testbed made up of 6 nodes, each one with 4 antennas, which allows us to evaluate Interference Alignment (IA) techniques in indoor scenarios.(More)
As MPEG-7 gets extended, DVB systems find the need to transport metadata over MPEG-2. This paper gives a view of a real implementation in an MHP application framework of the amendment ISO/IEC 13818-1:2000/FDAM 1, which standardizes the carriage of MPEG-7 metadata over MPEG2. The paper focuses mainly on the transport of metadata and how to synchronize(More)
Conformance testing is a crucial activity which aims at stimulating the communication system under test (SUT) to detect errors and unexpected behaviors with regard to the standards. However, when considering distributed systems, the joint and linked stimulation of distributed entities is not easy. The correlation of verdicts obtained from these entities is(More)
—This communication describes the interoperability platform that has been developed at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) to integrate the access to different virtual and remote laboratories. Up to eleven laboratories that belong to the GilabViR group of interest in virtual and remote laboratories in our University have been analyzed to generate a(More)
In this paper, different methods of inventory classification are compared. ABC classical methodology discriminates the articles to be classified according to two variables: unitary cost and yearly demand. This paper proposes different methodologies that broaden the analysis over more attributes: Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Tabu Search and several(More)
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