Douglas Francisco M. Gherardi

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Current metrics for predicting bleaching episodes, e.g. NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch Program, do not seem to apply well to Brazil’s marginal reefs located in Bahia state and alternative predictive approaches must be sought for effective long term management. Bleaching occurrences at Abrolhos have been observed since the 1990s but with a much lower(More)
The East Continental Shelf (ECS) of Brazil is a hotspot of endemism and biodiversity of reef biota in the South Atlantic, hosting a number of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Connectivity of MPAs through larval dispersal influences recruitment, population dynamics, genetic structure and biogeography in coral reef ecosystems. Connectivity of protected reef(More)
Brazil has a huge legal sea area named as Blue Amazon. Such term was created by Brazilian Navy to reinforce its extent and your importance. The purpose to monitor efficiently these waters is due to necessity to protect natural resources (biological and mineral). Another purpose is to achieve international duties as safety of life at sea. Difficulties to(More)
It has been reported that sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies, flow intensity and mesoscale ocean processes, all affect sardine production, both in eastern and western boundary current systems. Here we tested the hypothesis whether extreme high and low commercial landings of the Brazilian sardine fisheries in the South Brazil Bight (SBB) are sensitive(More)
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