Douglas F. Parham

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The sensory and gastrointestinal changes that occur with ageing affect older adults' food and liquid intake. Any decreased liquid intake increases the risk for dehydration. This increased dehydration risk is compounded in older adults with dysphagia. The availability of a non-invasive and easily administered way to document hydration levels in older adults(More)
As with any physiological process, breathing behaviors can be represented by time-varying signals. Speech breathing, or breathing behavior that supports speech production, is one particular type of breathing that can be difficult and time-consuming to analyze visually. In this paper, we introduce a novel cycle identification algorithm using MATLAB(More)
PURPOSE This study explored whether breathing behaviors of infants within the 2nd year of life differ between tidal breathing and breathing supporting single unarticulated syllables and canonical/articulated syllables. METHOD Vocalizations and breathing kinematics of 9 infants between 53 and 90 weeks of age were recorded. A strict selection protocol was(More)
As a result of the unexpected delays experienced in a study designed to investigate mother-infant interactions and infant cry patterns in the first 2 hours following delivery, the study was assessed to identify the barriers that the investigators had encountered in its planning and conduct. These barriers can be categorized as issues with (1) institutional(More)
There is evidence documenting that children are not being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) early enough. This study surveyed allied healthcare providers to determine whether these professionals had received training on the characteristics of ASD and ASD-specific screening strategies through their pre-professional education or continuing(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to identify the gaps in Kansas physician assistant practices and knowledge regarding prevention of unintended pregnancies with the aim of reducing the unintended pregnancy rate. METHODS A survey targeting all licensed physician assistants in Kansas (N = 733) was developed based on a literature review of contraceptive(More)
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