Douglas Easterling

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Two studies were conducted in which pain and negative moods during labor were examined in relation to two key, independent variables: instructions to monitor labor contractions given to parturients on admission to the labor service and attendance at LaMaze (childbirth preparation) classes. In Study 1 (N = 48) pain and negative moods showed a sharp decline(More)
The relationship between worry about cancer and judged cancer risk was examined among 54 expatients who had been cured of breast cancer and 81 women with no history of cancer. Worry required both a perception of substantial risk and the presence of concrete perceptual cues. Worry promoters include visits to a physician and concrete, noncancerlike symptoms(More)
Key Points · Collaborative problem solving has a long and important tradition in philanthropy. While there are notable success stories, it is clear that large-scale impact does not occur by simply bringing various stakeholders together around a common agenda and then offering them funding for planning and implementation. · One of the most critical(More)
Alcohol use is prevalent among college students in the US and is the leading cause of many alcohol-related consequences such as injury, driving under influence, and sexual assault. The problem of college drinking involves complex individual, social, and cultural factors. By viewing college drinking as a complex system problem, this paper describes two(More)
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