Douglas E. Turner

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Received: 6 February 2008 Revised: 2 July 2008 2nd Revision: 30 January 2009 3rd Revision: 13 July 2009 4th Revision: 5 December 2009 Accepted: 17 December 2009 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to develop and test a research model that investigates the effects of user experience with information technology (IT) on user satisfaction with and continual(More)
We present a careful study of the energetics of vacancy and substitutional impurities in aluminum in both the bulk and small cluster environments. The calculations are done within the framework of the local-densityfunctional formalism and are based on the pseudopotential method with plane-wave expansion and periodic boundary conditions. Both the ionic and(More)
In today’s business environment successful information technology (IT) applications are expected to grow and adapt to new market conditions. IT vendor tout their new products as having such characteristics as open source code and multiple platform adaptability. But as with previous business processes and systems the successful IT application is in need of(More)
Soybean lipoxygenase-1 is inactivated by micromolar concentrations of the following hydrophobic thiols: 1-octanethiol, 12(S)-mercapto-9(Z)-octadecenoic acid (S-12-HSODE), 12(R)-mercapto-9(Z)-octadecenoic acid (R-12-HSODE), and 12-mercaptooctadecanoic acid (12-HSODA). In each case, inactivation is time-dependent and not reversed by dilution or dialysis.(More)
BACKGROUND The volume of orthopaedic literature is increasing exponentially, becoming more widely scattered among journals. The rate of increase in orthopaedics is greater than other specialties. We aimed to identify the number of different journals an orthopaedic surgeon would need to read to stay up-to-date with current evidence. METHOD We searched(More)
The Need Two lines of evidence are converging to indicate that control software will be one of the key areas in which further progress must be made before practical magnetically confined fusion energy will be a reality. The first of these is lines of evidence is the observation that progress in the field of fusion energy has been so great that the(More)
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