Douglas E. Miller

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L ow carbon fuel standards (LCFSs) are rapidly becoming an integral part of the national debate over how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On January 18, 2007, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an executive order launching a low carbon fuel standard to reduce the carbon intensity of fuels for light-duty vehicles. 1 The standard, which(More)
1. A large body literature has examined resource transfers in the close family (husband and wife or parent and young child). Lundberg and Pollak (1996) provide a survey. In the close family, one can reasonably assume that resource transfers take place, for example, between parents and young children. The How are resources allocated within extended families(More)
Public subsidy of transit services has increased dramatically in recent years, with little effect on overall ridership. Quite obviously, a clear understanding of the factors influencing transit ridership is central to decisions on investments in and the pricing and deployment of transit services. Yet the literature about the causes of transit use is quite(More)
We wish to thank the members of the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies who aided our research in this study. In particular, we would like to thank: authors alone are responsible for any errors Disclaimer: Neither the University of California nor the School of Public Policy and Social Research either support or disavow the findings in any project,(More)
BACKGROUND Seasonal changes in pore water and sediment redox geochemistry have been observed in many near-surface sediments. Such changes have the potential to strongly influence trace metal distribution and thus create seasonal fluctuations in metal mobility and bioavailability. RESULTS Seasonal trends in pore water and sediment geochemistry are assessed(More)
More than 35% of Thai households either give or receive remittances, and remittances account for about one-third of the income of the receiving households. Remittances may be an important source of protection against adverse events for the receiving household. This paper provides evidence that remittances behave in a way that is consistent with insurance:(More)
How are resources allocated within extended families in developing countries? To investigate this question, we use a unique social experiment: the South African pension program. Under that program, the elderly receive a cash transfer that represents roughly twice the per capita African income. We ask how this transfer affects the labor supply of working-age(More)
We describe a technique for performing optimal, least-squares deconvolution of vertical seismic profile (VSP) data. The method is a two-step process that involves (1) estimating the source signature and (2) applying a least-squares optimum deconvolution operator that minimizes the noise not coherent with the source signature estimate. The optimum inverse(More)
Ground-penetrating imaging radar (" GPiR ") is a new technology that combines standard GPR (Ground-Penetrating Radar) with accurate positioning and advanced signal processing to create three­ dimensional (3D) images of the shallow subsurface. These images can reveal soil conditions and buried infrastructure—such as utility lines and conduits—down to depths(More)
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Teaching and California's Future is sponsored by The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning. The Center is made up of education professionals, scholars and public policy experts who care deeply about improving the schooling of California's children. The Center was founded in 1995 as a public, nonprofit organization with the purpose of strengthening(More)