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This paper analyzes two existing methods for securing Git repositories, Git-encrypt and Git-crypt, by comparing their performance relative to the default Git implementation. Securing a Git repository is necessary when the repository contains sensitive or restricted data. This allows the repository to be stored on any third-party cloud provider with(More)
—QKD is an innovative technology which exploits the laws of quantum mechanics to generate and distribute unconditionally secure cryptographic keys. While QKD offers the promise of unconditionally secure key distribution, real world systems are built from non-ideal components which necessitates the need to model and understand the impact these non-idealities(More)
—Design trade-offs between state consistency and system response time are commonplace in virtual environments. Systems typically rely on predictive consistency algorithms such as dead-reckoning to control consistency and response time. Dead-reckoning error threshold selection determines the con-sistency/response time trade-off. We extend this trade-off(More)
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