Douglas D Green

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To investigate the effects of mechanical deformation on matrix degradation in fibrous joints, coronal suture explants from neonatal rabbits were stressed in vitro for 24 hours in an established tooth-movement model system. The metalloproteinase collagenase (CL) and its inhibitor, TIMP (tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases), were immunolocalized in two(More)
The clinical history of yttria-stabilized, zirconia (Zr) ceramic has been controversial. In the patient, combinations of hydrothermal and mechanical shocks may trigger detrimental changes in Zr balls that have inferior metastability. Transformations from tetragonal to monoclinic phase may be influenced by impingement, dislocation, and disassociation in(More)
Our purpose was to compare the wear performance of mechanically enhanced 5Mrad highly crosslinked polyethylene (MEP, ArComXL) hip liners to (control) 3Mrad UHMWPE liners (ArCom) in 36 mm head size. As a more severe synergy of clinically relevant test models, we contrasted wear with custom roughened Co-Cr surfaces (Ra 500 nm) to the standard pristine Co-Cr(More)
To determine the etiology of genital ulcers and to assess the prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in ulcer patients in 10 US cities, ulcer and serum specimens were collected from approximately 50 ulcer patients at a sexually transmitted disease clinic in each city. Ulcer specimens were tested using a multiplex polymerase chain(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated the accuracy and repeatability of a 3D method for polyethylene acetabular cup wear measurements using computed tomography (CT). We propose that the method be used for clinical in vivo assessment of wear in acetabular cups. MATERIAL AND METHODS Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene cups with a titanium mesh molded on the outside(More)
Compensatory renal growth, that is, renal growth following contralateral nephrectomy, is mediated by either the elaboration or the activation of a renotrophic growth factor. Since tumor growth may be modulated by various factors, we evaluated the effect of the renotrophic growth factor associated with compensatory renal growth on the Wistar/Furth rat Wilms'(More)
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