Douglas D. Colclough

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A method is presented for resolving delay and Doppler specular multipath components using an extension of a previously developed projection onto convex sets (POCS) algorithm. To improve performance and convergence speed, a matched-filter based support constraint is incorporated into the variance of the residual constraint in the style of constrained least(More)
The signal-dependent error for least squares specular multipath estimators is analyzed for active sensors. The error analysis also applies to other deconvolution techniques for multipath estimation such as projection onto convex sets (POCS) that uses the square error as a constraint. The results explain how the selection of the transmit signal affects the(More)
Trajectory ambiguity for an active sensor is discussed in the context of a linear time-varying channel. This type of ambiguity representation preserves details of target/channel behavior that are lost in a correlative ambiguity function representation. The trajectory diagram, which is a graphical view of radar and sonar, is used to motivate the discussion.(More)
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