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The extremely halophilic Archae require near-saturating concentrations of salt in the external environment and in their cytoplasm, potassium being the predominant intracellular cation. The proteins of these organisms have evolved to function in concentrations of salt that inactivate or precipitate homologous proteins from non-halophilic species. It has been(More)
MAB007, an IgG1 monoclonal antibody, is unique because of the presence of a free cysteine residue in the Fab region at position 104 on the heavy chain in the CDR3 region. Mass spectrometric analysis of intact MAB007 showed multiple peaks varying in mass by 120-140 Da that cannot be fully attributed to glycosylation isoforms typically present in IgG(More)
Stability studies of protein therapeutics are often accelerated by storing potential formulations at elevated temperatures where the rates of various chemical and physical degradation pathways are increased. An often overlooked caveat of using these studies is the potential degradation of the formulation components themselves. In this report, we show that(More)
An inexpensive and quick deoxygenation system for measuring protein phosphorescence is described. Oxygen was first reduced to less than 1 ppb from nitrogen or other inert gas by passing through an oxygen trap. The oxygen-free gas was routed through stainless steel tubing directly into the sample compartment of the phosphorimeter. Flexible tubing, coupled to(More)
To compare the stability of structurally related dimers and to aid in understanding the thermodynamics of nucleosome assembly, the equilibrium stabilities of the recombinant wild-type H3-H4 tetramer and H2A-H2B dimer have been determined by guanidinium-induced denaturation, using fluorescence and circular dichroism spectroscopies. The unfolding of the(More)
Vertebral artery dissection has a characteristic presentation that should be considered when symptoms are preceded by any trauma that causes neck movement. We present the case of a man with vertebral artery dissection following severe coughing that presented as a postero-inferior cerebellar artery territory stroke. The patient was anti-coagulated, and his(More)
To further understand oligomeric protein assembly, the folding and unfolding kinetics of the H3-H4 histone tetramer have been examined. The tetramer is the central protein component of the core nucleosome, which is the basic unit of DNA compaction into chromatin in the eukaryotic nucleus. This report provides the first kinetic folding studies of a protein(More)
The antibody MAB007 was recently shown to be cysteinylated on an unpaired cysteine residue in the CDR3 variable region. Cysteinylation at this position was not complete and resulted in heterogeneous lots of MAB007 with respect to this posttranslational modification. In this report, a mild redox step was used that effectively removed cysteinylation while(More)
In biopharmaceutical process development, it is desirable to identify sites of covalent degradations to ensure product consistency. One characterization method used for therapeutic immunoglobulin gamma (IgG) 1 antibodies is limited LysC proteolysis followed by reversed-phase LC/MS. Limited LysC proteolysis leads to high efficiency cleavage at the C-terminal(More)