Douglas Cunningham

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In augmented reality, virtual graphical objects are overlaid over the real environment of the observer. Conventional augmented reality systems normally use standard real-time rendering methods for generating the graphical representations of virtual objects. These renderings contain the typical artifacts of computer generated graphics, e.g., aliasing caused(More)
BOS is a prototype-based, object-oriented toolkit aimed at better supporting evolutionary software development. BOS attempts to support a spectrum of activities in one environment---ranging from rapid prototyping to code hardening. Features enabling rapid prototyping include a prototype-based object model, an interpreted language, run-time argument(More)
The present contribution studies the rapid adaptation process of the visuomotor system to optical transformations (here: shifting the image horizontally via prism goggles). It is generally believed that this adaptation consists primarily of recalibrating the transformation between visual and proprioceptive perception. According to such a purely perceptual(More)
In modernt imes marketsa re veryd ynamic.T hiss ituationr equiresa gile enterprises to have the ability to react fast on market influences.T hereby an enterprise' IT is especially affected, because new or changed businessm odelsh ave to be realized. However,e nterprisea rchitectures (EA) arec omplex structures consisting of many artifactsa nd relationships(More)
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