Douglas Cram

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Three-dimensional imaging of human stem cells using transmission soft X-ray tomography (SXT) is presented for the first time. Major organelle types--nuclei, nucleoli, mitochondria, lysosomes and vesicles--were discriminated at approximately 50 nm spatial resolution without the use of contrast agents, on the basis of measured linear X-ray absorption(More)
New Mexico supports over 290 000 dairy cattle. These cattle produce large quantities of manure. It has been suggested excess dairy manure could be applied to rangelands as an organic fertilizer to increase soil fertility and herbaceous production. Manure was applied June 2000 to a rangeland in New Mexico dominated by blue grama (Bouteloua gracilis (Willd.(More)
We evaluated the potential of a fiber optic cable connected to distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technology to withstand wildland fire conditions and quantify fire behavior parameters. We used a custom-made 'fire cable' consisting of three optical fibers coated with three different materials-acrylate, copper and polyimide. The 150-m cable was deployed(More)
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