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In this paper, we report on the integration challenges of the various component technologies developed towards the establishment of a framework for deploying an adaptive system of heterogeneous robots for urban surveillance. In our integrated experiment and demonstration, aerial robots generate maps that are used to design navigation controllers and plan(More)
The days of specifying missions for mobile robots using traditional programming languages such as C++ and LISP are coming to an end. The need to support operators lacking programming skills coupled with the increasing diversity o f robot run-time operating systems is moving the eld towards high-level robot programming toolsets which allow graphical mission(More)
Georgia Tech won the OOce Cleanup Event at the 1994 AAAI Mobile Robot Competition with a multi-robot cooperating team. This paper describes the design and implementation of these reactive trash-collecting robots, including details of multiagent cooperation, color vision for the detection of perceptual object classes, temporal sequencing of behaviors for(More)
Specifying a purely reactive behavioral connguration for use by a multiagent team executing a mission requires both a careful choice of the behavior set and the creation of a temporal chain of behaviors which executes the mission. This diicult task is simpliied by applying an object-oriented approach to the design of sequences of behavioral conngurations(More)