Douglas Bulla

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Our paper discusses two experimental studies suggesting that Visual Hallucinations (VH) in Parkinson's Disease (PD) may have separate origins. The first is a prospective 8years study evaluating the appearance of VH, visual abnormalities assessed by Visual Evoked Potentials (VEPs) and REM sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD), in 80 PD patients treated with l-Dopa(More)
A noun/verb dissociation with a relative verb deficit was found in patients affected by Parkinson's disease, even in relatively early stages, when mental deterioration is not severe. This finding is compatible with earlier observations, according to which verbs are dealt with in more anterior regions with respect to nouns. It also supports the speculation(More)
We demonstrate a method to locally change the refractive index in planar optical devices by photodarkening of a thin chalcogenide glass layer deposited on top of the device. The method is used to tune the resonance of GaAs-based photonic crystal cavities by up to 3 nm at 940 nm. The method has broad applications for postproduction tuning of photonic(More)
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