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Normative Europeanization: The case of Swedish foreign policy reorientation
In this article, the concept Normative Europeanization is developed from a synthesis of Normative Power Europe (NPE) and Europeanization. It is argued that NPE has focused too narrowly on theExpand
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The responsibility to protect – An incoherent doctrine?
In this article, we depart from the emerging norm of responsibility to protect (R2P) and the ideal of coherence. We argue that coherence as an ideal is supported by philosophical as well asExpand
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Svenska kristdemokrater i förändring. Från konfessionellt universella till sekulärt partikulära
In this article, ideological tranformations within the Swedish Christian Democratic party throughout the past years is analysed. This is done in comparison with previous research on the ideologicalExpand
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Teaching university teachers to become better teachers: the effects of pedagogical training courses at six Swedish universities
ABSTRACT Do pedagogical training courses for university teachers have desirable effects on the participants? We set out to answer this question by following a panel of 183 university teachers fromExpand
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Att möta den högre utbildningens utmaningar
Den overgripande fraga som stalls i rapporten ar: hur kan universitet och hogskolor uppratthalla kvalitet i utbildningen? Undersokningen bars upp av tre delar dar vi studerar 1) om hogskolepedagogiExpand
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When, How and Why Are Junior Coalition Parties Able to Affect a Government's Foreign Policy? A Study of Swedish Coalition Governments 2006–2014
Junior partners in a coalition government are torn between an eagerness to profile themselves, and to show loyalty to the coalition. We investigate when, how and why junior coalition parties affectExpand
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Sverige i världen
Gransen mellan utrikes- och inrikespolitik suddas ut allt mer. Terrorism, miljohot och svalt ar utmaningar som inte stannar vid statsgranser. For att mota dessa globala utmaningar behovsExpand
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New medievalism from anecdote to grounded theory