Douglas Blodgett

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The laboratory analysis of samples can be a valuable adjunct to the investigation of outbreaks of disease and to the identification and correction of production inefficiency. However, the costs associated with laboratory analysis are high; consequently, a decision to involve laboratory analysis as part of an investigation should be made judiciously. The(More)
The coordination of anti-air warfare (AAW) hardkill (HK) and softkill (SK) weapon systems is an important aspect of command and control for the HALIFAX Class Frigate. This led to the development of a rapid prototyping environment, described here, which supports the investigation of methods to coordinate the plans produced by AAW HK and SK agents. The HK and(More)
: Meadow voles 'crotus pennsylvanicus~ and pine voles 'crotus inetorum cause extensive damage to apple trees by gnawing and girdling trunk and root systems. In 1991, approximately 70% of Vermont's 90 commercial apple producers were using zinc phosphide (ZP) treated cracked corn to manage vole damage. From November 1991 tln'ouglt January 1992, 36 confnmed(More)
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