Douglas Beeby

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The behaviour of 344 unsedated children in the anaesthetic room was assessed using a method similar to that described by Doughty (1959). The influence of the experience of the anaesthetist was found to be unimportant. The influence of the child's age was studied; children aged 7 yr and more behaved in a more satisfactory manner. The frequency of(More)
A prospective randomised double blind study was carried out to compare the use of epidural methadone, morphine and bupivacaine for pain relief after Caesarean section. The results indicate that methadone is the most effective agent with few side effects. Subsequently this method was used routinely for postoperative analgesia in all patients undergoing(More)
A randomised controlled clinical trial compared ergometrine 0.25 mg, syntocinon 10 mg and normal saline injected intravenously during evacuation of the uterus after spontaneous abortion showed no difference between any drug with respect to uterine contraction, change in blood pressure, blood loss or postoperative vomiting.
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