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is organized into three sections: pathway information , genomic information, and computational tools. The pathway information section includes searchable pathway maps and orthologue tables of metabolic and regulatory pathways. There are also extensive catalogues of diseases (human), organisms (completely sequenced genomes or chromosomes), cells (cell(More)
We live in interesting times. Portents of impending catastrophe pervade the literature, calling us to action in the face of unmanageable volumes of scientific data. But it isn't so much data generation per se, but the systematic burial of the knowledge embodied in those data that poses the problem: there is so much information available that we simply no(More)
The Manchester Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SYNBIOCHEM) is a foundry for the biosynthesis and sustainable production of fine and speciality chemicals. The Centre's integrated technology platforms provide a unique capability to facilitate predictable engineering of microbial bio-factories for chemicals production. An overview of these capabilities is(More)
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