Douglas B. Bock

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Splenosis following splenic trauma is a common but underdiagnosed entity before surgical exploration. In all previously reported cases the ectopic splenic tissue was distinctly separate from the kidney. To our knowledge we report the first known case in which the splenic tissue was located in direct apposition with the kidney. Using conventional imaging(More)
This article outlines heuristic guidelines for denormalizing transaction tables in relational databases. Denormalization as a process seeks to improve the response time for data retrieval while maintaining good system performance for row insertions, updates, and deletions. These guidelines apply especially for client-server environments where response time(More)
his article reports the results of an empirical study of the impact of fourth generation languages (4GLs) on system development productivity relative to third generation languages (3GLs). Improving software development productivity has long heen a major objective of the information systems community, and the large number of technological and managerial(More)
Manuscript originally submitted October 21, 1992; Revised April 28, 1993; Accepted September 8, 1993 for publication. This research compares success in developing conceptual data models for the extended entity relationship (EER) model and Kroenke’s object oriented model. A laboratory study was used to evaluate model correctness for 38 subjects divided into(More)
The Master of Science, major in Computing and Information Systems (CIS) is a graduate program offered jointly by the graduate faculties of the Department of Computer Science in the School of Engineering and the Department of Computer Management and Information Systems in the School of Business. We describe the nature of the program and emphasizes the(More)
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