Douglas A. Spicer

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The ability to reliably and reproducibly measure any protein of the human proteome in any tissue or cell type would be transformative for understanding systems-level properties as well as specific pathways in physiology and disease. Here, we describe the generation and verification of a compendium of highly specific assays that enable quantification of(More)
Fluorescent dyes provide specific, sensitive, and multiplexed detection of nucleic acids. To maximize sensitivity, fluorescently labeled reaction products (e.g., cycle sequencing or primer extension products) must be purified away from residual dye-labeled precursors. Successful high-throughput analyses require that this purification be reliable, rapid, and(More)
Current quantification methods for mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics either do not provide sufficient control of variability or are difficult to implement for routine clinical testing. We present here an integrated quantification (InteQuan) method that better controls pre-analytical and analytical variability than the popular quantification method(More)
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