Douglas A P Bulla

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We demonstrate a method to locally change the refractive index in planar optical devices by photodarkening of a thin chalcogenide glass layer deposited on top of the device. The method is used to tune the resonance of GaAs-based photonic crystal cavities by up to 3 nm at 940 nm. The method has broad applications for postproduction tuning of photonic(More)
We demonstrate low loss photonic crystal waveguides in chalcogenide (Ge(33)As(12)Se(55)) glasses. The measured losses are as low as 21 dB/cm. We experimentally determine the refractive index of the thin film chalcogenide glass to be n = 2.6 and demonstrate that dispersion engineering can be performed up to a group index of ng = 40 in this relatively low(More)
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