Douglas A. Kranch

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Electronic documents have many advantages, but they also have the serious disadvantages. One of them is difficulty in preservation. A method should be developed for preserving electronic documents in their original form that is independent of the hardware or software standards used.
Studies show that for many years courses teaching computer programming skills to novices have engendered a dislike for programming in many students. The first phase of this study presented identical content in one of three instructional sequences to 34 college students who were programming novices to determine which produced the greatest development of(More)
This retrospective study of the performance of Computer Information Systems (CIS) students from between 1987 and 2010 found evidence that remedial math, reading, and writing courses can significantly increase student mean GPA, persistence, and completion in a CIS program. Remediation was most effective when verbal as well as mathematical deficiencies were(More)
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