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BACKGROUND Functional annotation of differentially expressed genes is a necessary and critical step in the analysis of microarray data. The distributed nature of biological knowledge frequently requires researchers to navigate through numerous web-accessible databases gathering information one gene at a time. A more judicious approach is to provide(More)
EASE is a customizable software application for rapid biological interpretation of gene lists that result from the analysis of microarray, proteomics, SAGE and other high-throughput genomic data. The biological themes returned by EASE recapitulate manually determined themes in previously published gene lists and are robust to varying methods of(More)
BACKGROUND Molecular experiments using multiplex strategies such as cDNA microarrays or proteomic approaches generate large datasets requiring biological interpretation. Text based data mining tools have recently been developed to query large biological datasets of this type of data. PubMatrix is a web-based tool that allows simple text based mining of the(More)
PURPOSE Age-related cataract is a multi-factorial disease with a poorly understood etiology. Numerous studies provide evidence that the human eye lens has evolved specific regulatory and protective systems to ameliorate lens damage associated with cataract. Other studies suggest that the presence of cataract is associated with the altered expression of(More)
The impact of male presence or absence on the timing of the preovulatory LH surge and estrus was studied in 3 experimental groups (n = 6/group) of Eld's deer hinds pretreated with intravaginal progesterone-releasing devices (CIDR-type G) as follows: Group 1 = indirect male contact barn; Group 2 = direct male contact barn; and Group 3 = male isolation barn.(More)
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