Douglas A. Christensen

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3Henrik Odéen
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BACKGROUND Current clinical targets for transcranial magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound (tcMRgFUS) are all located close to the geometric center of the skull convexity, which minimizes challenges related to focusing the ultrasound through the skull bone. Non-central targets will have to be reached to treat a wider variety of neurological disorders(More)
BACKGROUND A major challenge in using magnetic resonance temperature imaging (MRTI) to monitor focused ultrasound (FUS) applications is achieving high spatio-temporal resolution over a large field of view (FOV). This is important to accurately monitor all ultrasound (US) power depositions. Magnetic resonance (MR) subsampling in conjunction with thermal(More)
BACKGROUND A tissue-mimicking phantom that accurately represents human-tissue properties is important for safety testing and for validating new imaging techniques. To achieve a variety of desired human-tissue properties, we have fabricated and tested several variations of gelatin phantoms. These phantoms are simple to manufacture and have properties in the(More)
BACKGROUND Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) vascular grafts frequently develop occlusive neointimal hyperplasia as a result of myofibroblast over-growth, leading to graft failure. ePTFE exhibits higher ultrasound attenuation than native soft tissues. We modelled the selective absorption of ultrasound by ePTFE, and explored the feasibility of(More)
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