Douglas A. Berman

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A growing literature suggests that a criminal justice system derives practical value by generating societal perceptions of fair enforcement and adjudication. 1 Specifically, perceptions of procedural fairness-resulting in perceptions of the system's "legitimacy," as the term is used-may promote systemic compliance with substantive law, cooperation with(More)
Recovery of contractility after a rested-state contraction in rat ventricle proceeded in two phases and is described by equations that are solutions of a nonhomogeneous second-order differential equation. The recovery can be characterized by a damping ratio defined in terms of the constants of the homogeneous portion of the differential equation. When(More)
Der Einfluss von pH-Änderungen auf die Kontraktions- und elektrischen Eigenschaften von Rattenvorhöfen wurde in pufferfreien Medien untersucht; eine Suspension von Vorhöfen in pufferfreier Krebs-Ringerlösung hatte eine zweiphasige inotrope Wirkung, (anfängliche Erregung, hierauf progressive Entspannung). Reduktion des pH von 7,4 auf 6 hatte keine bedeutende(More)
Various substrates were tested for their ability to restore the amplitude of contraction of hypody-namic electrically-stimulated rat ventricle strips suspended in a phosphate-buffered medium. Greatest recovery of the contractile activity was obtained with pyruvate; lactate, /3-hydroxybutyrate and acetate were more effective than succinate and glucose. The(More)