Dougal Crawford

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This paper estimates a range of single-equation models of inflation for Australia. We find that traditional models, such as the expectations-augmented standard Phillips curve or mark-up models, outperform the more micro-founded New-Keynesian Phillips curve (NKPC) in explaining trimmed mean inflation, both in terms of in-sample fit and significance of(More)
Ba2+ and Ca2+ prevent and reverse the Btk delta-endotoxin inhibition of the short-circuit current in isolated lepidopteran midgut. These findings support the K+ pump-leak steady-state model for midgut K+ homeostasis and the K+ channel mechanism of Bt toxin action. They provide a new tool with which to study the interactions between Bt toxin and midgut cell(More)
Columnar cell apical membranes (CCAM) in series with goblet cell apical membranes (GCAM) form an electroosmotic barrier separating the midgut lumen from epithelial cell cytoplasm. A unique K+ ATPase in GCAM generates three gradients across this barrier. A greater than 180 mV electrical gradient (lumen positive) drives amino acid uptake through(More)
It takes a few millimetres of rainfall to cause the 34 most polluting combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to discharge into the River Thames. Currently, in a typical year, spillages to the tidal reaches of the River Thames occur about 60 times, with an estimated spill volume of 39 million cubic metres. Both the UK Government and the European Union have(More)
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