Doug Sweetland

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Facial animation is now attracting more attention than ever before in its 25 years as an identifiable area of computer graphics. Imaginative applications of animated graphical faces are found in sophisticated human-computer interfaces, interactive games, multimedia titles, VR telepresence experiences, and, as always, in a broad variety of production(More)
Cartoons turned a corner when Chuck Jones came to town. He transformed Walt Disney's vision to one of wit, humor and mischief. We watched as Wile E. Coyote repeatedly attempted to trap the Roadrunner, only to fall victim to his own falling anvils; Pepe Le Pew's aromatic expressions taught us everything we need to know about unsuccessful romance; Marvin(More)
In character animation, it is often said that a strong pose is supported by its' silhouette. Since the shape of a 3D character represented in a graphical, 2D screen-space is ultimately our goal, shouldn't our tools better support posing the silhouette? Yet commercial software packages have focused on implementations to pose the character from the inside(More)
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