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Several laboratories have recently confirmed the importance that interleukin 2 (IL-2, formerly referred to as T cell growth factor) plays not only in the maintenance of cultured functional T cell lines but also as a potent regulator of immune responses. Despite the development of preparative IL-2 purification procedures, as well as identification of IL-2(More)
Endogenous retinoids have been implicated in the axial patterning of the embryonic vertebrate retina; however, no studies have directly examined how asymmetric retinoid-dependent gene expression regulates early morphological events in the development of the retina. Here we used a line of indicator mice that possess a retinoid-dependent transgene to examine(More)
The present study has identified a population of cone photoreceptors in the murine retina that are uniquely immunoreactive for protein kinase C (PKC). Wavelength-sensitive cone subtypes are segregated along the dorso-ventral axis in the mouse retina with ventral retina occupied exclusively by ultraviolet wavelength-sensitive (UVWS) cones, and dorsal retina(More)
The obese patient presenting for surgery is at high risk for developing the pulmonary acid aspiration syndrome due to a large volume of acidic gastric contents. Cimetidine, an H 2 receptor antagonist, reduces gastric secretion and increases gastric pH. In the following study, cimetidine increased gastric pH in the obese patient, but had no effect on gastric(More)
In many scientific fields, models are used to characterize relationships and processes, as well as to predict outcomes from initial conditions and inputs. These models can support the decision-making process by allowing investigators to consider the likely effects of possible interventions and identify efficient ways to achieve desired outcomes. Machine(More)
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