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Dance Education Matters: Rebuilding Postsecondary Dance Education for Twenty-First Century Relevance and Resonance
Abstract Postsecondary dance education is at a crucial juncture in its history in academe. Emerging from women's physical education programs in the 1930s, the profession's realignment with the artsExpand
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Re-educating Dance Education to its Homosexuality: An invitation for critical analysis and professional unification
This article explores the ways in which gay male presence and contribution to dance education in the US is minimised in order to legitimate male participation and to gain wider social acceptance ofExpand
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Current Challenges for K-12 Dance Education and Development: Perspectives from Higher Education
From an administrative perspective, this article investigates equity issues in dance education, and current challenges and opportunities for leadership in postsecondary dance programs involved inExpand
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Rehearsing masculinity: challenging the ‘boy code’ in dance education
Dance education experiences of boys and male youth are investigated in terms of dominant constructions of contemporary Western masculinity and the potential limitations these hegemonic discourses mayExpand
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Challenges and Opportunities for Dance Pedagogy: Critical Social Issues and “Unlearning” How to Teach
Given our panel's focus, I will introduce myself by way of my undergraduate dance pedagogy course and highlight what I will be addressing in my remarks this morning. The young women in my danceExpand
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Making Dance, Making Sense: Epistemology and choreography
This interpretive inquiry explores the construction of knowledge by dancers in the rehearsal process. Although seemingly primary to the act of choreography, the dancers' experiences of theExpand
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New Reflective Practice Research in Dance Education
ISSN: 1529-0824 (Print) 2158-074X (Online) Journal homepage: https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/ujod20 New Reflective Practice Research in Dance Education Doug Risner To cite this article: Doug RisnerExpand
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Sexual Orientation and Male Participation in Dance Education: Revisiting the Open Secret
Abstract This interpretive inquiry explores the ways in which young adult males experience and make meaning of the social stigmatization associated with men in dance. General procedures for thisExpand
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The Politics of Gender in Dance Pedagogy
Abstract Dance education researchers interested in pedagogy have drawn considerable energy from the area of social foundations in education, especially in terms of schooling and its impact on genderExpand
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Weaving Social Foundations Through Dance Pedagogy: A Pedagogy of Uncovering
Abstract Today’s dance educators enter classrooms populated by increasingly diverse students in which teachers’ pedagogical knowledge necessitates heightened understandings of race, ethnicity, socialExpand
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