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— A wideband space-time channel model is defined, which captures the multiple dependencies and variability in multi-cell, system-wide operating environments. The model provides a unified treatment of spatial and temporal parameters, giving their statistical description and dependencies across a large geographical area for three outdoor environments(More)
An ecologic study design was used to investigate the relationship between exposure to air emissions produced by the petroleum and chemical industries, and average annual cancer incidence and major cause mortality rates among whites in Contra Costa County, California. Estimates for the exposure to major industrial sources of sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons and(More)
There is an exceedingly small group of microorganisms that are considered pathogenic in humans relative to the microbial biota—with literally just a few bacterial and viral agents that have the potential to cause disease when transmitted in aerosol form. This group of pathogens has adapted to circumvent the rigors of airborne transport to enter the(More)
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