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any designers expect processor performance to keep improving at the current rate indefinitely as feature sizes shrink. However, as wire delays become a larger percentage of overall signal delay and as clock speeds grow faster than transistor speed, I believe performance increases will ultimately fall off. These delays are inevitable simply because wires are(More)
Ken Wilber's theory of holons clearly describes why subjective and objective realities are distinct. Traditional information theory exclusively deals with objective reality while missing or ignoring subjective reality altogether. Yet, both subjective and objective existences exhibit informational characteristics. This paper will enumerate these two kinds of(More)
Recent discoveries in quantum computing and quantum cryptography have proven the technological usefulness of quantum understanding and innovations. The nature of the quantum universe is primarily a large, high dimensional, quantum information constraint system, that defines energy and even the very nature of spacetime. With the pervasive nature of quantum(More)
As the ideas of quantum mechanics, relativity and parapsychology slowly make their way into our collective consciousness, our common-sense views on time and causality find themselves more strained than they've ever been in the course of human history. Will this challenge remain the domain of theoretical science, or can we foresee a day in which the general(More)
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