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Human chromosome 7 has historically received prominent attention in the human genetics community, primarily related to the search for the cystic fibrosis gene and the frequent cytogenetic changes associated with various forms of cancer. Here we present more than 153 million base pairs representing 99.4% of the euchromatic sequence of chromosome 7, the first(More)
i This document has been approved for publication by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use. This document describes existing knowledge on the use of bioaccumulation data as part of sediment quality assessments. It is not intended to serve as guidance(More)
Permission is granted for educational use or reprint of all or parts of this curriculum as long as the authors and Big6™ are properly and prominently credited. There is clear and widespread agreement among the public and educators that all students need to be proficient technology users. Technology literacy is among the attributes that appear in nearly(More)
OBJECTIVE To use admission inpatient glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) testing to help investigate the prevalence of unrecognized diabetes, the cumulative prevalence of unrecognized and known diabetes, and the prevalence of poor glycemic control in both. Moreover, we aimed to determine the 6-month outcomes for these patients. Finally, we aimed to assess the(More)
Two types of theories have been advanced to account for how attention is allocated in performing goal-directed visual tasks. According to location-based theories, visual attention is allocated to spatial locations in the image; according to object-based theories, attention is allocated to perceptual objects. Evidence for the latter view comes from(More)
T eachers and administrators for grades K–12, pay attention: The program I used to write this article and the place I stored it may be just as important as the content you'll read in it. Why would you care how I handle my files? Because following my example may save you time and money. Consider these facts: • I wrote this article without the aid of word(More)