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  • Ladeana W Hillier, Robert S Fulton, Lucinda A Fulton, Tina A Graves, Kymberlie H Pepin, Caryn Wagner-McPherson +101 others
  • 2003
Human chromosome 7 has historically received prominent attention in the human genetics community, primarily related to the search for the cystic fibrosis gene and the frequent cytogenetic changes associated with various forms of cancer. Here we present more than 153 million base pairs representing 99.4% of the euchromatic sequence of chromosome 7, the first(More)
Model Predictive Control (MPC), a control algorithm which uses an optimizer to solve for the optimal control moves over a future time horizon based upon a model of the process, has become a standard control technique in the process industries over the past two decades. In most industrial applications, a linear dynamic model developed using empirical data is(More)
Grain sorghum can be produced on a variety of soils. It is a drought-tolerant plant that can be grown on shallow, less productive soils with low water-holding capacity. In these environments, grain sorghum yields can be better than corn yields, although typically they equal corn yields. The advantage of grain sorghum in these environments is that it can be(More)
OBJECTIVE To use admission inpatient glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) testing to help investigate the prevalence of unrecognized diabetes, the cumulative prevalence of unrecognized and known diabetes, and the prevalence of poor glycemic control in both. Moreover, we aimed to determine the 6-month outcomes for these patients. Finally, we aimed to assess the(More)
INTRODUCTION HIV testing and counseling is a critical component of the overall response to the HIV epidemic in low and middle income countries. To date, little attention has been paid to the role of private for-profit providers in HIV testing. METHODS We use data from Demographic and Health Surveys and AIDS Indicators Surveys to explore the extent to(More)
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