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This paper presents a benchmark for dependable systems. The benchmark consists of two metrics, number of catastrophic incidents and performance degradation, which are obtained by a tool that (1) generates synthetic workloads that produce a high level of CPU, memory, and I/O activity and (2) injects CPU, memory, and I/O faults according to an injection(More)
The therapeutic potential of prostacyclin was evaluated in 10 patients with angina pectoris and angiographically proved coronary artery disease. Platelet aggregation and coronary and systemic haemodynamic effects were examined before and after intravenous infusions of 2, 4, 6, and 8 ng/kg/min of prostacyclin and were dose related. At 8 ng/kg/min the ADP(More)
  • J Kenny, K Daly, G Bergman, S Kerkez, D E Jewitt
  • 1984
The effects of the new calcium channel blocking agent diltiazem were evaluated in 11 patients with stable angina pectoris and confirmed obstructive coronary artery disease at rest and during rapid atrial pacing. Symptomatic, metabolic, coronary, and systemic haemodynamic indices were monitored at rest and during pacing induced ischaemia. At rest, after the(More)
OBJECTIVE To create a risk model for predicting major adverse complicating events of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), and to test the accuracy of the model on a prospective cohort of patients SETTING Tertiary cardiac centre METHODS Available software can predict probabilities of events using Bayes's theorem. To establish the(More)
Treatment with vasodilators in heart failure has not always produced a useful improvement in the haemodynamic responses to exercise, and in many cases early drug tolerance has further limited the potential of this type of treatment. In a study to evaluate the efficacy of felodipine, a new calcium antagonist with selective vasodilator properties, in the(More)
Eight patients with severe symptomatic calcific aortic stenosis were considered to be unsuitable for valve replacement. Four were admitted with pulmonary oedema and three in cardiogenic shock and one had angina at rest. With the use of echocardiographic and radiographic guidance percutaneous transluminal aortic valvuloplasty was carried out. Aortic(More)
Heart failure remains a major therapeutic problem with a poor prognosis despite therapy with digitalis, diuretics and vasodilator drugs. Because impaired myocardial contractility is a principal feature of persistent heart failure, the development of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, e.g. milrinone, has presented important therapeutic possibilities. Milrinone(More)
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