Doug Hawkins

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Dysregulation of copper homeostasis has been associated with neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and prion diseases. The investigation of the role of abnormal copper level in the development of neuropathological damage is essential for the understanding of pathogenetic mechanisms of these(More)
"Normal", untreated hydrocephalic and CSF shunted hydrocephalic Texas (H-Tx) rat pups at different ages and Sprague-Dawley controls were tested for spatial learning and memory acquisition in an 8-arm radial maze. Shunting 5 day old hydrocephalic pups improved their performance to the level of that of "normal" litter-mates, whereas shunting at 10 days(More)
Population densities (PD) of capillaries (C) and endotheliocytes (E) were determined in pinnal dermis of C57BL mice before and after trauma. Moving (and overall) least-squares spectra before trauma detected in EPD (versus CPD) pronounced 3.5-day (circasemiseptan) and 8-h oscillations corresponding to components of the endothelin-1 chronome in human blood(More)
We present HemaApp, a smartphone application that noninvasively monitors blood hemoglobin concentration using the smartphone's camera and various lighting sources. Hemoglobin measurement is a standard clinical tool commonly used for screening anemia and assessing a patient's response to iron supplement treatments. Given a light source shining through a(More)
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